Express Service:
Sales Compensation Plan Review

  • Low Cost

    $1,200 CAD
  • High Impact

    Based on proven best practices
  • Rapid Engagement

    Complete within 1 week

We will review one Sales Compensation Plan, and make recommendations on:

• Plan Design
• Document Structure
• Terms and Conditions

A Simple 3-Step Process:

  • Step 1: Buy Your Service

  • Step 2: Book Your Discovery Call

    We will ask you to share your current Sales Compensation Plan documents, and other related materials if needed.

    During your Discovery Call we will schedule your Recommendation Call, no later than 1 week out (subject to availability).

    You can request that a Mutual NDA be signed in advance of your Discovery Call, so your information is protected.

    If you've completed Step 1, then book your 1-hour Discovery Call now:

  • Step 3: Attend Your Recommendation Call

    Based on your Discovery Call and the materials you will have shared, we will document our recommendations and present them during your Recommendation Call.

    It will be up to you to determine which recommendations you want to implement.

    That's it. You're done!