RevOps isn't easy, but you are not alone!

  • Coaching


    1:1 coaching with RevOps veteran, Michael Hanna, who has led RevOps functions at Shopify, Intuit, Clio and Eloqua (Oracle Marketing Cloud).
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  • Consulting


    Outsourced RevOps, strategic planning and change process management for mission-critical initiatives.
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  • Training


    Delivered as an in-person workshop, or dripped virtually over several sessions, you and your team will learn the principles, skills and strategies needed to be champions of change and measurable impact in your organization.
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  • Speaking


    Keynote speaking for your industry event, company kickoff or team offsite (in-person or virtual).
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  • Sales Compensation Plan Review

    We will review one Sales Compensation Plan, and make recommendations on:

    • Plan Design
    • Document Structure
    • Terms and Conditions
  • Low Cost

    $950 USD | $1,250 CAD

    Rapid Engagement

    Complete within 1 week

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  • Michael Hanna

    Revenue Growth Advisor & Leadership Coach

    Michael has led Revenue Operations for some of the world's fastest growing technology companies, including Shopify, Intuit, Clio and Eloqua (now Oracle Marketing Cloud).

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  • Dana Hanna

    Global Leadership Trainer & Facilitator

    Dana has trained thousands of leaders across the globe, helping them increase their impact in their families, businesses and communities.

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