3 Ways to Unlock Your Productivity

3 Ways to Unlock Your Productivity

What keeps us productive varies from person to person. Understanding yourself and what keeps you focused will help you achieve your goals.

Here are 3 factors to consider:

1. Protecting Specific Times of Day

Experiment with what time of day you are most naturally able to focus on certain types of work. Structure your days accordingly. For example, since I discovered that I do my best writing in the morning, I try to schedule my meetings for the afternoon to protect my writing time. Since making this simple change, I have been producing more in a week than I used to in a month.

2. Establishing Community

Whether you work from home, or in a dedicated work environment, we all need to be intentional about how and when we connect with others. How do relationships play into how you like to work? Do you like to run your ideas by someone before implementing them? Does a daily check-in help kick-start your day? Perhaps a walk with a friend to re-energize in the afternoon? Identify the role of relationships in your ideal flow, and seek that support. I'm sure your partner will also find great value from joining forces in your rhythms!

3. Managing Distractions

Know what tends to distract you and build boundaries around those distractions. Delete that game from your phone. Close that social media browser window. Wear headphones to eliminate that background noise. You know what your distractions are, and you have the power to build those boundaries.

Bonus: The Power of Milestones

Managing your rhythms, relationships and environment enable you to make steady progress toward your goals. Setting milestones on your path toward your goals enables you to recognizing your progress and celebrate your wins along the way. A small celebration provides motivation to keep you moving forward to your next milestone. When you get to that milestone you have another reason to celebrate. Rinse and repeat until you achieve your goal.

Practice these simple principles and you will not only find joy in accomplishing your goals, but even more importantly, you will find fulfillment in the journey itself!

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