Intro to the Bible-Based Business Playbook

The Bible provides more than a moral compass for business. It is filled with practical strategies and tactics for creating, managing and growing your business to produce impact and revenue!

Join us live for a powerful 90-minute session, where Michael and Dana Hanna will share:

  • 7 stages of Biblical business growth, from inception to legacy.
  • God's secret for long-term sustainable growth.
  • Vision, value and viability.
  • Real-life stories of God at work in the marketplace.
  • How to partner with God in your day-to-day operations.
  • A special invitation to a unique Biblical entrepreneurship program.

    Free registration is required. Access to the video recording will be provided. Only those who join live will participate in the Question & Answer period. Michael-and-Dana

    Register Free Below:

    Sessions run on Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern / 9am Pacific. Please select which Wednesday you will attend, and complete the form to register.