Leadership and Culture

Authenticity. Trust. Impact.

Nurturing a safe environment where people can be themselves sets the stage for accountability, growth and impactful work.

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Career Development Toolkit

We'll help you develop a clear and simple project management framework to keep your teams executing and communicating effectively on key initiatives.
  • Project ownership and sponsorship
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Resource commitment
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project setup
  • Tooling and tracking
  • Progress and communication
  • Decision-making and escalations
  • Train project management champions within each function

Employee Engagement Strategy

We'll facilitate your end-to-end planning process to keep your leadership team aligned and on schedule. We'll essentially oversee the execution of your Strategic Planning Playbook.

Performance Management Playbook

We'll work with your Sales, Finance, Revenue Operations and HR leadership to design all elements of your Sales Planning.
  • Feedback and research
  • Sales role definitions
  • Territory design
  • Quota setting
  • Policy updates
  • Compensation plan design
  • Compensation plan document creation
  • Communication strategy